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I'm Haven.

I spend 75% of my life in gym clothes, and 100% of the time, I have some kind of animal fur on me somewhere.
Content makes me crazy happy. I thrive on switching between creating a 7-second reel to a 7-minute wedding video.
My days are filled with photos, videos, and endlessly changing algorithms...and I wouldn't want it any other way. 
I think emotions are powerful, and wonderful, and capturing them helps create connections and keep memories.

I sp

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Why I do this

all these things

I wanted to create a life that I was excited to wake up to every single day. 

Long story short, it led me to a camera in my hand creating a multitude of things. I find joy in each one, and yet I would not want to spend the rest of my working days doing ONLY one...I'm making a cake and eating it too. 

Creating content for small businesses to help someone else grow their passion, is one of my greatest joys. While I might not be passionate about chocolate, or clothes, or candy...I am passionate about how fun social media can be, and how a beautiful photo or funny video can influence people. Using my passion to help others continue to do theirs...if my life has to have work, I think that's the best I could ask for. 

I take immense pride and am endlessly honored in being a part of someone's wedding day. Being a fly on the wall for all of the love filled moments melts my heart every single time. To be trusted with the responsibility of a video that tells the story of the day is ...daunting. It's a challenge I love and something I take incredibly seriously. I like to act like a hard ass...but I love love. (huge sap)




My comfort snacks:

Cookies, Chips & Salsa, or brownies from The Chocolate Season.

My highest values:

Grit - Loyalty - Honesty

My furry friends

Apollo - 13 yr old Husky
Ella - 9 yr old Terrier Mix
Biscuit - 3 yr old House Cat

My hot take:

Winter is superior to summer. Give me a snowy day in the mountains over a sunny day at the beach 99% of the time.

Work Style

Laid back - No BS - Humanized



We couldn't have done it without her.



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